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Galaxy Class
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Galaxy Class Warp Pylons
Power Conduit Trench Covers

This photoetched brass parts set with engraved details will hide the wires to power your Galaxy Class Starship Warp Engines. The ERTL AMT kit of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D has no provisions to allow wires to run up to the Warp Engine assemblies. No longer will the builder need to cut into the kit plastic...embed two wires, reputty and scribe back in the details. Now you can just cut into the kit and dig one big trench with a end mill cutter on a motor tool. Then lay in a ribbon cable of up to 6 wires to power EL materials like LightSheet, CCFL lamps and LEDs for Bussard Collectors and Navigation Strobe lights. The PE brass can then lay over the intire wire harness running through the Warp pylons on the models bottom part # 8 Lower Engineering Hull. With the thin .005 gage brass in place it covers over the wires and then just primer and paint as usual. The PE brass itself is conductive to electricity and has provisions on both ends to soldure on wires for a total of seven possible connections. The PE part itself is ideal as your ground (-) negetive for any circuitry lighting system of your choice.

PE Brass Warp Pylon Power Conduit Trench Covers $20.00

DLM-42 Galaxy PE Trench Cover for Wires

Pylon Wire Covers PE 1/1400 Galaxy Class
Wire cover in action
Wire Trench Covers Instuctions and Lighting tips PDF
1/1400 Scale, Transporter Grids, Brass Photo Etch Details
Fine Photo Etch Brass Phaser strips and details for the AMT kit of the Galaxy Class
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Enterprise "D" Accessories Photo Etch

1/1400 Scale for the AMT kit USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D
.003 Photo etch Brass, 7.5 x 5.5 inch
Fine etched brass detail to finish out construction of the Galaxy Class Starship of the Federation.
Details that are on the ILM model are realized for the AMT kit of the

Phaser Emitter Strips. Fine 3D Detail
Transporter Emitter pads
Greebly fine details as seen on exterior surfaces.

Some minor bending is required. Will fit onto on top existing kit raised phaser detail.
Thin brass sheet is nearly like a foil. Brush on foil adhesives and thin CA glues with a thin applicator.

A in progress photo set of the brass parts applied to a AMT USS Enterprise model can be seen at:

Galaxy Paint Masks Art
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Now Trek modelers of the Galaxy Class USS Enterprise 1/1400 scale can quickly and easily AZTEC pattern paint their model with the convenience of pre-cut vinyl masks. The mask templates covers the entire surface of the AMT kit #6619 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. The vinyl material is Gerber Mask, a low tack masking material used for the intent of masking of paint for art used in decorative custom painting in the auto body and custom paint industry. Low tack mask materials are non permanent, residue free and easy to remove. No paint can be lifted nor adhesive residue left behind if your model is prepared and painted correctly.

The masks are simple to use:
Prepare your model for painting.
Choose your desired hull colors. Mix up a paint batch of dark and light shade
Apply your darker hull color and let dry
Apply the paint masks.
Spray on your lighter hull shade. Let dry
Remove the paint masks.

Overall material size 13 x 48. Two (2) sheets of 13” x 23” and 13”x 25”
Masks comes in a round mailing tube with and instruction sheet.

Art created and contributed by Kirkunit, Penndragon and DLM,
Masks cut by Engraphix, Fargo, North Dakota

$65.00 plus postage.

DLM-44 Galaxy Paint Masks

Bridge and Upper Decks
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Upper Decks and Bridge:
For Galaxy Class Starships

This is a replacement part for the ERTL/AMT kit of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D 1/1400 scale. Options are available for opaque gray and water clear resin for lighting. New features on these castings are larger detailed briefing room windows and raised panel details. Both casting require the clear bridge dome provided in the injection molded kit. To illuminate the windows apply a mask to the indent details...spray on a opaque black, then primer and paint as usual. Remove the masks and illuminated windows will be your result. Use lamps or white LEDs as a light source.

Opaque gray casting $5.00 ppd

$5.00 DLM-41 Galaxy Upper decks gray opaque

Clear resin casting $8.00 ppd

$8.00 DLM-40 Galaxy Upper Decks Clear

Forward Windows
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Opaque or Water Clear Options

Mastered by Andy Henshaw of Accurate Parts Australia.

Located just forward to the Captain's yaught this part now completes the details on the bottom of the Primary Hull. This simple little pice of plastic resin drops down through a hole cut into the kit plastic. It will fit flush with the exterior surface.
There is a choice of lighting and non-lighting. The water clear cast piece can be masked with small strips of tape. Painted opaqued with black then with regular hull finishes. Remove the mask and the light will brighten up your Galaxy Class Starship.

Opaque Gray $3.00

$3.00 DLM-30.1 Galaxy Class Forward Windows

Clear Resin $5.00

$5.00 DLM-30 Galaxy Class Forward Windows / Lighting

Clear Colored Warp Engines
Colordyed warp Engine Parts
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(That Fit!

This set of parts for the Galaxy Class starship is cast in color dyed clear resins for lighting. With the red cast Bussard domes the builder can implace two bright red LEDs.
The Nacelle Warp Engine Grill cast in clear blue has a thick web of plastic. Place any light source on or near the web support and the optical qualities of the clear resin will pick up the light and distribute it evenly throughout the part.
The grills are also better fitting to the kit parts. A little bit longer for the exterior surfacees to fit flush to the kit parts.

The parts are sold as a set as shown for $15.00

$15.00 DLM-43 Galaxy Warp Grills and Bussards
Electronics are not provided.
The ideal lighting material to use is a electroluminesant material like LightSheet. It is actually called an EL Lamp. For more info about EL materials e-mail to:
Another EL supplier is
A version of these parts are also sold with smooth Warp Nacelle outher shells. You can get both the clear lighting parts and the smooth cast exterior shells shells at : www.federationmodels.com