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These parts are for the AMT kit Enterprise NCC-1701-A 1/537 scale Movie era model details and lighting kit. These parts can also be adapted to other kit bashes of the AMT Movie era kits. The parts are intended and crafted to help light up the model foremost in mind.
The basic detail parts are listed as shown above.

•Recreation Deck Windows
•Connection Dorsal Extension
•Bussard Scoops (2) (Opaque resin, front of Warp Nacelles.)
•Clear Blue Domes for top of bussard Scopes
•Planetary Sensor Array
•Bridge and Sensor Dome (opaque resin open slots for lights)
•Deflector Dish Housing (Opaque resin, snug fit with clear dish fitting inside)
•Main Deflector Dish (Clear Blue with "ring of dashed lights" detail)
•Hangar Door Exterior 3D details (Clear Blue)
•Phaser Emitter “Bumps” for Primary and Engineering Hull (20 on flat resin sheet)
•Impulse Crystal (Clear blue resin)
•Photon Torpedo Emitter (Clear Red resin)
•Homing Becon and Spotlight Array (Clear resin)

Price for the Refit Upgrade Kit is $40.00

$40.00 DLM-06 TMP Enterprise-A Resin Detail Parts for Lighting

Hangar Bay Parts for the NCC-1701-A
The End is Here!

FOR NCC-1701-A

Highly Detailed Hangar Bay End Piece, Click to Enlarge
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Mastered by Arthur Penndragon

These parts provides for a more accurate Shuttle Hangar Bay for the ERTL / AMT USS Enterprise. The part is cast in a clear resin that allows for illumination of the control room located on the top of the part and small slits located in the detailed indent areas to the sides of the shuttle bay doors. The builder applies clear transparent colors to the window areas like Tamiya Acrylics of red and blue. Then masks the areas. The rest of the clear part is primer painted opaque followed up with regular model finish colors. The masks are then removed to let the light shine through.

Clear Cast Option
DLM-06.7 TMP Enterprise Aft Hangar Part Water Clear $12.00

Opaque Gray Option
For a limited time the Engineering Hull aft end piece is offered cast in opaque gray resin for builders who do not intend to illuminate their model Refit Starship. This offer is only good while supplies last.
DLM-06.7X TMP Enterprise Aft Hangar Part OPAQUE $7.00


A set of highly detailed resin cast parts for the interior of the Hangar Bay for the NCC-1701-A Enterprise as seen in the move STV: The Final Frontier. These parts are also suited for lighting the interior of the Hangar Bay with one option for clear cast walls to let light shine through wall lamps and interior control and observation rooms. As a finishing touch a decal is provide for the floor and doors to the Hangar Bay.

Clear cast walls option includes:
Clear Cast End Piece
Clear Cast Wall left right and forward
Hangar deck in gray resin
Hangar Ceiling in gray resin
Hangar Ceiling light in clear resin

DLM-06.8 TMP Enterpise Aft Hanger with Interiors Clear $25.00

A more economical set of interior walls are provided as an option cast in gray opaque resin.

Opaque Gray Resin Walls option includes:
Clear Cast End Piece
Gray Resin Walls, left, right and forward
Hangar deck in gray resin
Hangar Ceiling in gray resin
Hangar Ceiling light in clear resin
DLM-06.9 TMP Enterprise Aft Hanger w/ Interiors Opaque $17.00

Clear wall Option, Click to Enlarge
Gray Wall Option, Click to Enlarge

Surounding Primary Hull

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YES, I DO WINDOWS... (and ports)

Pendragon and DLM presents new ports and windows castings for the Primary Hull of the AMT/ERTL Refit Enterprise kit. These casting replace the misaligned and much aligned ERTL kit parts with finely recessed details in the castings. They drop in just like the kit provided parts (6 copies per set). These parts will save a lot of time from repositioning the kits holes and save the trouble of filling them with clear resins.

Cast in water clear resin for lighting. Mask over the windows with rectangular window masks cut from tape and the round ports made from tape discs from a .060 punch. The water clear parts consists (6) resin parts priced at:

$18.00 ppd

$18.00 DLM-06.6 TMP Enterprise Windows Water Clear

Rec Deck Windows and Aft Ports clear sections (2) are now provided in basic parts upgrade kit.

Opaque gray resin ports and windows are discontinued but available for cast on demand. Call or write for details

Windows and Ports Water Clear Option
Remove Plastic From the Kit
Windows and Ports in Position
Windows and Ports Cast in Clear Resins for Lighting
Click on Picture to Enlarge
Click on Picture to Enlarge
Refit Impulse Deck
Mastered By Arthur Penndragon
Refit Impulse Deck with Decal
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A new part added to the DLM Refit Enterprise product line is a corrected Impulse Engine casting that replaces the inaccurate kit details of the AMT ERTL kit. There is a choice of a water clear casting intended for lighting and a gray opaque casting intended for non lighing. The Engine Deck includes a small decal sheet featuring a choice of markings of the engine grills and the small panals markings located aft. Also include are installation instructions and cutting templates to remove material form the kits plastic details.

DLM-06.3 TMP Enterprise Impulse Deck Gray Opaque $10.00 ppd

$10.00 DLM-06.3 TMP Enterprise Impulse Deck Gray Opaque

DLM006.4 TMP Enterprise Impulse Deck CLEAR $15.00 ppd

$15.00 DLM006.4 TMP Enterprise Impulse Deck WATER CLEAR

Master provided by Arthur Penndragon

The new DLM Impuse Engine is shown here in place on one of DLM's AMT models of the ST:TMP USS ENTERPRISE. The kit detail was easy to remove by using a sanding drum chucked into a motor tool. Once a good fit is acheived the gaps can be puttied in.

On the clear casting of the part the modeler can use the paint mask templates to mask the engine vents.
Then opaque with black paint...primer and then finish colors

Opaque piece in place
The instuction sheet included with the casting shows what areas to cut and provides templates to use
for cutting a support made from plastic sheet stock of .040 or .060 thickness. (not provided) This helps the new resin part rest in place. Also shown is the cutting template to cut the bottom part of the primary hull.

The casting ot the clear blue impulse crystal provided in the DLM Enterprise refit detail kit will fit well to this new casting.

DLM offers its thanks to Arthur Penndragon for provideing the master, decal art and instuctions to help other Trek modelers acheive the best results on their Motion Picture Refitted Enterpise projects.

Upper Decks Correction and Lighting Options with Interiors
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This part crafted by Andy Henshaw of Accurate Parts, Australia, fixes one of the inaccuracies of the AMT Refit Enterprise kit. The new Accurate Parts replacement features the upper decks section with the inset details of the VIP windows that has its aft shape and angle corrected. Details like recessed view ports, fine detail in recessed indent area.. The lounge window area is polished to a high gloss to allow for lightning and interior viewing. Also a non lighting opaque gray resin piece is available.

$15.00 DLM06.1 Upper Decks Clear Cast Resin

DLM06.2 Upper Decks Gray Opaque Resin $10.00

After the new piece is mounted in place mask over the ports and areas of that you want light to shine through. Use masking tape and round dots punched from .060 ince miniature punches. Spray paint the new parts with black paint to opaque the clear resin an apply regular surface finish colors. Remove the masks from the lighting openings.

More advanced lighting features can include a flashing strobe light on top of the Bridge (See DLM-06 upgrade kit) by running a .030 Fiber Optic strand connected from a white LED through a opaque jacket of striped wire insulation. One small portion of the FO strand can poke through the top of the bridge acting as your Navigation Strobe Light.

Another lighting effect such as the bright forward spot lights can be accomplished with the Bridge piece by mounting White LED in the three holes. Bend the leads of the LED at a 90 degree angle and glue it on the top with the LED facing forward and sides. The end result should be like spotlights shining over the top of the Primary hull .

Resin interior pieces that are visible through the clear cast upper decks. Fits just aft and at the bottom of the clear cast resin upper decks piece. Ambient light form the model interior will illuminate the interior of the VIP lounge. There is a choice of two. The version shown on the left is the Lounge as seen from STTMP. The interior on the right is the Officers Mess as seen from ST6UDC

DLM-06.1L TMP Enterprise VIP Lounge $4.00

DLM-06.1M TUC Enterprise “A” Officers Mess $4.00

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Flux Chiller Grills
Inboard: (Clear blue dyed resin inserts)

These are for lighting the Inboard grills of all AMT kit panel etched Enterprises . Just remove the kit plastic and insert. Instructions inclueded. Light them up with a strip of LightSheet, White LEDs or Lamps from the inside.

Cost is $10 ppd

$10.00 DLM-09 TMPEnterprise-A Warp Engine Inboard Parts /Lighting

Flux Chiller Grills
Inboard / Outboard: (Clear blue dyed resin insert and opaque parts

This set is intended for the old smooth first issue AMT Enterprise TMP kit (a collectors item known as the O'le Smoothy) that does not have this grill detail. A solid opaque gray resin outboard grill set is also included. It is also good for latter issues of Enterprise "A" AMT kits that have casting flaws and sink holes in their grill details.

Cost is $15 ppd
$15.00 DLM-08 TMP Enterprise Warp Engine Detail Parts for Lighting

Inboard Nacell Grills
Grills Inboard and Outboard
Refit Markings Supplement Decals
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Markings Supplement Decals : Full color printed decals features Red Pinstripes and stripes that conform around the upper decks, Phaser Banks, Thrusters, Engineering Hull access and blowout panels, Sensor Stripes that surround the hull, Impulse Engine Vents and more. (20) gray resin Phaser Emitter “Bumps” included. The art is color laser printed onto clear 8.5x11 decal paper that the model builder can use to add to the model kit markings or other after market decals. Marking are also suitable for use on the USS Reliant kit or any other Starship configurations of 1/537 scale starships like the USS Stargazer, Bozeman, Saratoga ect.

Cost is $15 ppd.

DLM-07 Refit Enterprise “A” supplementry decals.

Clear Blue Inboard Warp Grills
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Fits to USS Reliant model kit engines only. Inboard set for Lighting up the Warp engines of any Miranda class model. Instuctions included

Cost is $15

$15.00 DLM-11 Miranda Class Inboard Warp Engine Detail Parts for Lighting


Fits to USS Reliant model kit engines only. Inboard set for Lighting up the Warp engines of any Miranda class model. For purposes of modeling and lighting of ships featured on ST:DS9 when instances of both inboard and outboard Warp Engine Grills are lighted.

Cost is $20
$20.00 DLM-12 Miranda Class IB/OB Warp Engine Detail Parts for Lighting

Miranda Class Upper Decks and Bridge
(for AMT Reliant kit)
Replaces the mishapen upper deck levels and Bridge. Recessed ports and windows, small details in the indent suround the upper decks. Clear option for lighting.

(Pictures on how to attace this part to your Reliant type AMT kit can be viewed at:

Opaque gray resin parts (2) consist of, Bridge, A/B Deck Levels

DLM-21 Miranda Class Upper Decks and Bridge $10.00

Clear resin parts (2) for lighting purposes consist of Clear Resin Bridge and A/B Deck Levels.

$15.00 DLM-21.1 Miranda Class Upper Decks and Bridge/ Clear for Lighting

Clear Blue Inboard/Outboard
Upper Decks and bridge
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A decal for pinstripes that conform over the Miranda Class Upper Decks parts.

Sensor bands that suround the hull.

Replacent Red pinstripes for the kit decals

DLM-21.2 Decal Reliant Pinstripes and Sensor bands $7.00