Superior Creations bridge decals. Much time was spent in researching and designing these decals to give your star ship a much more accurate look that will make it stand out from the rest! Included are decals to recreate ALL 3 versions of the Enterprise Command Bridge seen from the 1st Pilot episode, the 2nd Pilot episode and the rest of the episodes in the Series. You could even include variations of all 3 if you were building your version of a TOS era kit-bash! DLM/SC-1 Bridge Decals 1/350 Scale TOS Enterprise $12.00

Science Fiction Model Parts for Details and Lighting Special Effects
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TOS Enterprise Command Bridge Resin Upgrade Parts for Details and Lighting
TOS Bridge Upgrade Sets

Phase One Corrections
•Turbo Lift Alcove (Extended Walls and Clear Red Alert Box)
•Counter top Controls and Switches Veneers (3D) (7) clear (1) opaque
•Burkes Chairs (10)
•Scanner Hoods (3)
•Speaker Boxes Intercom (3)


Phase Two Corrections
•Captain's Command Chair
•Center Control Console (3rd Season Final Configuration)
Pop Up Targeting Scanner
•Forward Control Panel Walls (3D detail Lamps and Buttons) Left and Right
Clear Red Alert Lamp boxes (2)
•Main Viewer With Back Wall and Translucent Viewer Screen.


Phase Three Corrections
Sub-Station Wall Replacements, opened Controls Displays and Viewer Screens
Upper Wall sections thickness and with proper molding detail around Viewers.

•Single Small Viewer station wall, opened wider control display.
•Double Small Viewer station walls, Communications Computer/Science
•Single Larger Viewer Station walls (3) , Weapons, Engineering, Environmental
•Single Small Viewer half stations Left and Right (2)
•Laser Cut Viewer and transparent / translucent vinyl glazing (7 sheets)



Resin interior single piece that are visible through the clear upper decks VIP Lounge. Fits just aft and at the bottom of the Upper Decks of the Primary Hull. Ambient light form the model interior will illuminate the interior of the VIP lounge.   The interior on the right is the Officers Mess as seen from ST6:UDC

DLM-06.1M TUC Enterprise “A” Officers Mess $15.00

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Returning to the Trek kit aftermarket is the conversion kit for the famous AMT (Round 2) Klingon Bird of Prey. The Wing Hinge Baffles, originally designed by M-Factory’s Coby Lorang (Coby-Wan) The baffle parts parts are now reproduced in .030 gauge black acryilc plastic sheet ... Laser cut precisely by Fargo 3D Printing/Meld Workshop. The plates are now made with a tough and yet flexable plastic that naturally slides very easy past each other. Your Klingon Bird of Prey's wings will articulate up and down from Weapons fireing mode...Cruise at horizontal and Up for landed at Planet Fall.

Included are resin cast core of mounting racks and precut brass barstock from DLM produced for Creature Arts Studios. The kit comes with the original illustrated instructions.

The finer points of the conversion kit includes....

•26 Center core Laser Cut baffle plates
Sequence numbered, Parts 1 and 26 end plates with slots.

•23 each of Left and Rght Laser cut Wing plates labled L and R.

• 4 Wing Plate Ends L and R with fine line laser engraved detail

•4 resin cast support mounting racks racks.
2 Center core racks. 2 Wing mounting racks.

•4 Pre-cut Brass bar stock 3/32 x 1 5/8 lengths.

This is a Skill Level 4 conversion kit requireing modification to the AMT (R2) kit.
Tools like files, razor saws, sanding blocks and use of CA glues for assembly

DLM-35.2 KBOP Wing Hinge Kit $85.00

Laser Cut Wing Baffles
The Cobi-Wan KBOP Parts now Laser Cut!
1/1400 Scale, Transporter Grids, Brass Photo Etch Details
Phaser Strips Galaxy Class $55.00....(.003 Brass Etch) 1/1400 Scale
Vulcan Shuttle Warp Sled Lighting Parts
Warp Sled Lighting Parts
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Clear and Color Dyed castings for AMT/Round 2 kit of the Vulcan Shuttle "Surak"

Kit # S972 (old) #AMT641 (new)
As seen in the movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture the Vulcan diplomatic Shuttle carried Mr Spock to the USS Enterprise that was on its way to stop some sort of big threatening "thing" from bothering the Federation. Seen but for 44 seconds on film the shuttle Surak separated from a Warp Drive FTL sled and docked with the USS Enterprise. Upon boarding and accepting a re-instated Star Fleet Commission Mr Spock and Engineer Scott sorted out the refitted Enterprise Warp Drive problems.

Now the intrepid Star Trek model lite 'em uppers can bring the model to light up as if at FTL Warp Speeds with clear blue (2) Main Power Flux Grills, clear red (2) Power Stage Grills and (2) clear Impulse Engine thrust vents.

These casting are placed onto the model by cutting and converting the plastic kit. Parts of the kit must be cut-away to install the new clear parts. This would be at Skill Level 4 modeling tasks that require the use of a motor tool with #70 drill bits, cutter tools, sanding drums. Hand tools like Flat files and sanding tools as well. Illustrated instructions are provided with lighting tips, tools used and recommended electronics resources.

Photo Etch that Fits to AMT Klingon 1/537 as "Quonus One" Star Trek ST6:TUC. Out of Production and out of stock. (Temporary)
Thanks for your interest in Sci-Fi model parts for detailing and lighting.

       DLM (Don’s Light and Magic) is a small play on words and my name’s initials that recognizes the efforts and artistic talents of Sci-Fi Special Effects people in the TV and Motion Picture industry. Hopefully my parts will help you achieve the same spectacular miniature special effects results with select resin parts in a clear resin media and with simple electronics installed. These parts are made buy a scale modeler for scale modelers. The reason I make these features is because kit manufacturers must sometimes compromise accuracy to keep cost down of their kits. The purpose of my add on parts is to help you get to the same result as on the larger studio miniatures. So advanced model building skills in working with resin and a little bit of electronics knowledge is helpful.

       My accessories are also of high quality materials. I use a custom mix combination of slow setting resins with the use of a vacuum chamber and pressure chamber to produce air void free parts. For right now my business will only be transacted over the Internet by direct sales from me to you. Below is the list of the entire product range that I have available.

       For Star Trek model kits details, clear lighting parts enhancements and decals:

       TOS Cut-away Enterprise, series production
       TOS Cut-away Enterprise 1st Pilot Episode
       TOS Cut-away Enterprise 2nd Pilot Episode
       TMP Enterprise (A) Warp Engine Grills
       Enterprise (B)
       Runabout (DS9)
       Shuttle Type 7: Discovery (the “soap bar” ST:TNG Shuttle)
       Nebula Class for lighting conversion kit
       Galaxy Class Warp Engine clear parts (That fit!)
       B5 Star Fury engine/cockpit lighting parts
       Accurate Parts by Andy Henshaw:
       Survey Class Impulse Crystals
       Yamaguchi Clear Blue/Red Main Deflector and Bussards
       TOS Cut-away Enterprise 1st Pilot Bridge and AB Decks
       TOS Cut-away Enterprise 2nd Pilot Bridge and AB Decks
       TOS Cut-away Enterprise Series Production Bridge and AB Decks
       18 Inch Enterprise Series Production Bridge and AB Decks
       Miranda/Reliant Bridge and AB Decks
       Galaxy Class Forward Windows (Enterprise "D" forward of Captain's Yaught)
Galaxy Class Bridge with Briefing Room Windows, clear and opaque
Perigrin Class Maquis Rebel ship lighting parts

Standard Boilerplate Copywriter Disclaimer:

TOS Enterprise, TMP Enterprise , Defiant, Voyager, Excelsior, Runabout, B5 Star Fury detail/ lighting parts and Special Effects Circuit Boards are copyrights of  C 2003 by  Dons Light and Magic and Donald L. Matthys.  No duplication of these materials in any media permitted without prior written consent.

  These copyrights are in no way intended to infringe on those held  by Paramount Pictures Corporation and Warner Brothers, nor any other agency or licensee. These publications and kits contains no materials directly taken from motion picture or televised footage and is original and in new material or medias in nature.   These publications, resin detail and lighting kits is an amateur effort designed as supplementary material to the construction and modification of the TOS Enterprise, TMP Enterprise Defiant,  Runabout (ERTL/AMT) Voyager, B5 Starfury (Revell Monogram) models.  It in no way intends to violate any licenses held by ERTL/AMT and Revell Monogram. Purchase of officially licensed plastic injection molded kits are required for proper intended use of DLM parts. This is an fan effort developed for and by fans and to help promote the Sci-Fi modeling universe.

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